Teaser: Janina + Junie

Call time for this shoot was at 3 am. The photographers literally started doing the sundance & we were “kampaying” for sunshine at 2 am.

Then, just like that, the sun came out, giving us the most beautiful sunrise and this shot –



and then the reyna ng talahib in me (thank you WeKenLove for coining that term! haha!) just needed to be hushed…

At sobrang napa-speechless lang ako ni Marlon Capuyan! Samoka ka Bai!!! You got me so kilig with your shots!



I will write more about this wonderful weekend as soon as I get the rest of the photos.

But for now, salamat God for giving me this couple, these photographers, and this shoot. To start off my crazy prenup season (#deathMarch) with this is truly a blessing. Salamat, you guys just gave me another reason why I love my job.

Photography: Marlon Capuyan

Assisted by: Lyndon Naya

Styling: Aira Franco

HMU: Fritz Mortel

Location: Clark Airfield, Pampanga


“Kar at 18”: A Letter

Dear Kar,

One October evening as you sat in between your mom & sister, you shyly said that you wanted “high fashion” for your pre-debut shoot.You couldn’t even look at me in the eye as you said it, which I found amusing as shyness seems to be a rarity among the young ones now.

During the shoot, all you said was “Okay”, every time we ask you if you’re okay with the HMU, or the outfits, or the poses Francis was asking you to do. “Okay Ate!” you’d shyly utter then biglang big smile and thin arms pose in front of the camera. That shyness then the sudden burst of confidence in front of the cam – another rarity.

Then 2 mos after, during your debut, you just managed to transform into a completely different person. Gone was the girl who could barely look at me or could say anything more than “okay”. Cliche-ish, but you literally stepped out of your shell that night, and we all witnessed, with tears in our eyes, your beautiful transformation. Thank you for making me be a part of that.

You are a rarity, Kar – the girl that you are now and the person that you will be. Don’t ever forget that, and don’t ever let some random boy take that away from you. Enjoy being 18 and the years to follow, but do enjoy it with a lot of sunscreen & pretty dresses. Sayang ang kaputian mo. haha!

KC_Portraits3 KC_Portraits13 KC_Portraits17 KC_Portraits27KC_Portraits55 KC_Portraits60KC_Portraits99 KC_Portraits105 KC_Portraits107Photography: Francis Perez

Styling: Aira Franco

Styling Assistant: Fritz Mortel

HMU: Elaine Ching & Jim Guerrero 

Location: Hotel Celeste


Tina + Carlo + Gab: “It’s Always Better When We’re Together”

(Of course, Jack Johnson’s words came into my head. Tina & Carlo are surfers. I surf. We are meant to be. Period)

A cool dad, a blushing pregnant bride, and one very adorable boy – enough to explain why I was extra happy during our shoot. There was no need to force them to laugh, little Gab took that job. There was no need to tell them to look lovey-dovey for the camera, kinareer na ni Tina & Carlo yan.

Can i just say na nakakainggit lang ang happy family vibe niyo?! haha. Di ako bitter. dadating ako jan. haha!

59905_488824351169144_2035886000_n 184549_488824377835808_142927348_n 303574_488824261169153_2034784294_n 426915_488824391169140_1003039257_n 427606_488824174502495_1148026104_n 431350_488824254502487_1358113816_n 537179_488824327835813_432492729_n 582538_488824237835822_1287316378_n


Thank you for letting me be a part of this day! And thank you for my new inaanak, Gab. When can I give him his Christmas present na si Chorvachu, friend of Pikachu? hahaha!

Photography: Ruffa & Mike Photography

Videography: Jake Olaso

Styling: Aira Franco

HMU: Fritz Mortel

Location: Lakeshore, Pampanga

Mau + DJ: “Such a Big Day, and we’re Okay”

(Tahiti 80’s playing in my mind as I write this. Oo, pa-hipster ako) 

I was quite excited to see these photos, not only because the Photatoes of MyPhotato took them but also because these were of Mau & DJ – one of the most “chill” couples I’ve ever encountered.

Sila na ang sobrang steady.

Ashley, their dog, wasn’t cooperating. Ok lang.

The Tagaytay weather wasn’t cooperating. Ok lang.

We have to shoot tomorrow na lang. Ok lang.

Overnight na lang. Ok lang.

And the photos didn’t turn out Ok lang, they turned out amazing!

71858_10151301688398682_731829784_n 74645_10151301690893682_560049887_n 74688_10151301687848682_431849312_n

205713_10151301687633682_60929819_n 227810_10151301687533682_599757724_n 314701_10151301687523682_399859503_n 321307_10151301686968682_747788874_n 398162_10151301687778682_572169809_n And this was the only time, I actually pet a dog during a shoot. Ang CUTE MO LANG KASE!419597_10151301686578682_2001479045_n


Photography: MyPhotato

Styling: Aira Franco

HMU: Fritz Mortel

Location: Hillcreek, Tagaytay